TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. specializes in providing engineering Consulting in Acoustics, Green Building, Environment Quality & Town Planning Services.

The company’s name stands for the Hebrew words for “planning and development” ("Tichnun ve-pituach").

TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1982 (legally registered in 1984) by Dr. J. Soker, City Planner and Expert in Acoustics, Green Building & Environmental Quality.

The company has a large team of employees, experts and consultants, mostly with extensive practical experience and academic background, in those major fields.


In the field of Acoustics TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd provides and specializes in acustic consulting, design and research, including: noise control, acoustic measurements and testing, acoustic consulting for planning and licensing of projects and buildings, infrastructures and plans, construction discrepancies, consulting for architectural acoustics and construction, preparation of expert reports and arbitrations.


In the field of environmental quality, TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. specializes in preparing E.I.As, environmental surveys, environmental suitability tests for projects, investigation, measurement, monitoring and laboratory services in the fields of noise and acoustics, air pollution, wind speed design, soil pollution, shading potential and sunlight blockage, wind speed increase related to the built environment.


In the field of Green Building, TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. is a certified accompanier of green building and provides various consultancy services to ensure compliance with green building standards such as Green Standard 5281, BREEAM and LEED. The company deals with green building related to residential and commercial projects, offices, hotels and various industries.


In the field of Town and City planning, TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. supplies and focuses on design of outline plans, master plans, detailed city plans, expert reports on city planning issues, provide expert reports on status testing, planning status testing, planning feasibility, planning professional opinions, consulting for statutory planning, planning management and promoting statutory planning.


Our work includes assessment of urban and landscape environmental impact for plans and projects, site inspections for planning and projects, location of infrastructure facilities and systems, potential climatic impact, including the potential for increased wind and its effect on human comfort conditions, potential shade and light and sun blockages, potential damage to natural habitats, animals, plants, archaeological sites, geology, and other environmental areas.

To date, the company has prepared dozens of outline plans, urban building plans and permits, dozens of environmental impact surveys, hundreds of expert statements on issues relating to acoustics and the environment, and thousands of full-length reports in these spheres.

TOP is in constant contact and has working relationships with institutions and professional agencies in Israel and abroad, including commercial and professional contacts with companies specializing in the fields of acoustics, planning and the environment.


TOP Consulting and Engineering Ltd. specializes in the following areas:

  • Acoustic consulting and planning at various levels.
  • Preparing expert reports and arbitration on issues relating to acoustics, urban construction and the environment.
  • Preparing diverse types of outline plans and urban building plans.
  • Management services and promotion of statutory planning.
  • Preparing environmental impact surveys and expert statements for plans and projects.
  • Climatic consulting and investigating issues relating to the effects of high winds and shadows resulting from high-rise construction.
  • Location, planning and rehabilitation of mining and quarry sites (sand, limestone and stone), and infrastructure facilities.